Davia Spain
Davia Spain
Performance / Facilitation / Truth-telling / Film


Davia specializes in facilitating engaged gender and racial justice workshops that are rooted in intersectional frameworks centering Black Trans experiences. She facilitated a racial justice workshop as part of the 2017 UC Berkeley: Social Justice Symposium. She also facilitated a Healing Through Movement Workshop at the This Will Take Time POC Retreat (August 2018). She began her work as a facilitator in 2015 when she was hired at Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center, LYRIC, in San Francisco as a Queer Educator. There she was trained how to facilitate racial and gender justice workshops. In 2016 she worked at Bay Area Video Coalition, BAVC, as the facilitator of a course named Social Media 4 Social Justice, facilitating a workshop for high school aged youth to learn how to use social media as a tool for political change. After graduating from San Francisco State University (SFSU) in 2017 she was hired as a facilitator by the SF LGBT Center, where she facilitated Trans healing and empowerment workshops


Speaking her truth and her acquired knowledge has always come naturally to Davia. She has a strong foundation in the skill of formal speaking having taken public speaking classes from a young age in Middle School to her adulthood during her Undergraduate education. Throughout 2015 and 2016, she spoke on TAYSF's Citywide Transitional-aged-youth Advisory Board Panel, influencing public policy in the City of San Francisco. She was also featured as the keynote speaker at Alameda County's 2018 LGBT Pride Conference, advising organizations throughout Alameda County how to better empower Trans Youth of Color.  


Davia has been performing since she was a young child in children's choirs, small staged productions, and even a baton twirling troupe. Over the past 6 years she has honed her skills as a performer working professionally on stages across the US and Canada. She received formal training in dance, song, and acting first from Pepperdine University and then from SFSU. During her final year at SFSU (2016-2017) she participated in two artist residencies: Queer Emerging Artist Residency (QEAR) @ Destiny Arts Center and Creating Queer Culture (CQC) with the Queer Cultural Center both located in the Bay Area. Through QEAR she was able to collaborate with an all Black cohort of queer artists, creating a group show that highlighted the talents of each member. CQC gave Spain the chance to create work on her own. She was able to present her first solo show in the 2017 National Queer Arts Festival titled: An Ode To My Younger Self. She created a multimedia theatre piece that included film, spoken word, song, and dance all self-produced and directed. Since then her extensive performance portfolio has continued to grow as she takes to the stage in many a different forms - from opening for Mykki Blanco to acting in Star Finch's play "Hookers On Mars Eventually" at A.C.T.'s Strand Theatre


Film has presented a way for Davia to combine all of her skills, talents, and knowledge. In 2017, she wrote, directed, produced, and starred in her own short film titled: July 14, 2004, which she created as part of her 2017 NQAF show. She also wrote two episodes and for Transfinitea series of short films by director Neelu Bhuman, who also hired Davia as an actor for one of the episodes she wrote. She studied documentary making in her undergraduate education and received a B.A. in Visual Anthropology from SFSU, a field of study that fused social theory with film. She has uses the skills she learned in this training in her art practice.